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General Management

   STTAT’s General Management, operating from the company’s headquarters based in Sfax city, has consistently opted for a partially decentralized managerial approach thereby granting its branch offices a partial autonomy in financial, commercial and administrative terms.
   As for the managerial decision-making relating to investment, credits, human resources and the legal aspect, it belongs exclusively to General Management.
   Thanks to an effective organization, reliable data-processing systems and competent senior executives enjoying a long experience, General Management fulfills the following functions:

  • Optimizing the company’s human and material resources ;
  • supervising and directing the company’s branches ;
  • defining the company’s commercial policy and supervising the canvassing and marketing programs carried out by the branch offices ;
  • representing the company before the administrative and judicial authorities.

   The Société Tunisienne de Transit d’Agences et de Transports « STTAT s.a  », which was founded by its C.E.O. Mr Mohamed Ben Abdallah, is a private business concern specialized in the following fields :

  1. Shipping Agency
  2. Freight forwarding
  3. Customs brokerage
  4. Warehousing and groupage
  5. Chartering  brokerage
  6. And ticketing agency

   S.T.T.A.T. nowadays has a staff of 128 dynamic employees ( of whom 26 executives ), mastering the latest transport techniques, and dedicated to serve you in accordance with your wishes and requirements.
   Competence, creativity and dedication of the staff combined with the modern and sophisticated material means, always enable STTAT to hold an avant-garde position in the aforementioned fields.
   Our company’s open policy and branch office network which encompasses the Tunisian coastline, enable it to give importers and exporters the opportunity to benefit from its maritime performances and its wide range of complementary services.
   Furthermore, in order to provide its customers with an economical and highly appreciated service, STTAT  has instaured reliable computerized systems and advanced management procedures in line with the regulations in force on the one hand, and in harmony with the technical progress of an ever changing maritime transport sector on the other.

Head Office

 Address : Avenue Hedi Chaker Imm. Ennour Esc.B 3000 Sfax -Tunisia
 Tel : (+216) 74 227 502
 Fax : (+216) 74 225 270
 Email :

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